Get fighting fit!

At Lifestyle Boxing we are always looking for ways to introduce people to the challenging and invigorating world of Boxing. To celebrate the launch of Lifestyle Boxing, we are launching Hatton Academy Techniques Classes and Circuit Classes.
Taking up a new sport, meeting new people, and getting fighting fit is now as easy as ABC!

Is Lifestyle Boxing for me?

We cater for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, so even if you have never thrown a punch before, Lifestyle Boxing is the thing for you.
Boxing is not about getting hit, its about getting fit. Every session is non-contact, and focused on pad work. To get you fighting fit we break everything down into 3 minute rounds that are bursting with everything from throwing combination and ab work, to lower body workouts and lung-busting cardio drills.
The only competition will be against yourself, so if you feel ready to push on and power past your fitness goals whilst having fun, then this is the class for you!

Will I really get fighting fit?

There is a reason why boxers are amongst the best athletes in the world: they put in the work and undertake fantastic all-body workouts.
Boxing is not only great cardio, but it builds lean muscles and tones your entire body. If you think boxing is only about your shoulders, just wait till you feel you upper back, core, and legs all working as one. There is no better feeling than the perfect all-body workout.