Srucsa SportsActivities reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
March 14 ·

I am enjoying boxing classes so much! It is a good workout and good fun. Coach is friendly and experienced. Throughout classes we are learning basics of boxing technique. I am happy to say, that we are also holding some boxing classes on SRUC Elmwood Campus.

Mark Williams reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
March 5 ·

Andrew Brown reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
February 12 ·

Great varied classes every week in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere!

Mike Falls reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
January 25 ·

Very good classes with a mix of teaching boxing techniques and fitness workouts. Very friendly coaching and would recommend to anyone wanting to try boxing or to improve fitness/weight loss.

Callum Gordon Johnson reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
January 25 ·

Excellent instructor and very knowledgeable! He really puts you to work and all sessions are carefully planned out with progression in mind! Definitely would recommend!

Nicola Manson reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
August 14, 2017 ·

Thanks for a Brilliant session tonight Dave's a great instructor really recommend lifestyle boxing can't wait till next week.

Quine Cat Walker reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
August 7, 2017 ·

Awesome class, fab coach who is in your face ( in a nice way �) regarding technique making sure your doing every step properly. Kept moving all the time and made sure you gave 100%.
Warm up & cool down stretch was excellent.
Looking forward to next class, defo reccommend to anyone, any age and stage of Fitness. Lots of fun while learning some great moves and getting fitter.

Ian Manson reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
August 1, 2017 ·

David took the Howe Colts (U18) through a session tonight, absolutely brilliant, a full body boxing based workout, exactly what we were looking for the squad.

KT Kay reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
July 31, 2017 ·

First class tonight & it was brilliant. David is a very good coach, who is passionate about what he does & shares his knowledge very well. We were a mixed group Ladies teenage lads & men all engaged in the session that was well structured & delivered. Can't wait for the next one ☝️

Ally Reid reviewed Lifestyle Boxing — 5 star
July 31, 2017 ·

Great first session. Dave put us through our paces and pushed us through a fantastic full body workout and focusing on the first steps into boxing all in all a great first session and already looking forward to next one. He also gave us advice on nutrition and also offers personal training along with circuit training to which I've signed up to. Great trainer with passion.